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Tri-Lakes CASA joins with Arkansas State CASA Association and National CASA Association in taking a stand against racism and injustice.

From Arkansas State CASA Association – Arkansas CASA stand with all people affected by racism and injustice.  In order to reach our goal of ensuring that every child and family has a safe and positive future, we recognize not only that pain must acknowledged but true progress must be made.

From National CASA Association – National CASA Association stands in solidarity against any kind of injustice, violence or brutality that inflicts undue harm on or disadvantages to another human being.  Racism is reprehensible and has no place in our society.

Tri-Lakes CASA recognizes that people of color are overly represented in the foster care system and that there is disproportionality in positive outcomes for families of color.  We also recognize that our organization needs continued growth in diversity among our Board, Staff and Volunteers.

We commit to increase our training on diversity, promote anti-racism, seek and welcome diversity, and review our processes to ensure families of color are not treated unfairly by our program. 

We commit to having tough conversations and being teachable. 


We proudly stand alongside National CASA Association and Arkansas CASA Association in supporting our children, families and colleagues of color.

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